My life revolves around art. It always has. Constantly seeking new ways to create and pursue happiness eventually led me to makeup artistry.

I didn't figure it out for a long time. I plucked my eyebrows into matchsticks. I poked my best friend in the eye countless times. I figured I would never get beyond those outdated, theatrical blue eye shadows and red lipsticks.

But sometime in college, I discovered a knack and a joy. My friends were willing victims. And between my acting degree and my post-college years living in NYC, I developed a fascination and love for special effects. I was  relatively proficient at drawing and painting, so I thought, "Maybe it's just like drawing...but on my face." To this day, I always thank my clients for letting me play with them and "doodle" on their faces.

My small reputation in New York got me in the door with a few colleagues when I moved to Los Angeles, where I became the resident makeup artist among my budding friend group. I'm forever grateful.

I work primarily with short films, internet branded content, and music videos, and also specialize in men's makeup and practical SFX.

I am a professional actor, makeup artist, and visual artist, and I am beyond lucky to be building a career around happiness. 

Proud member of Actors' Equity Association.

make it up.

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